(reprint of a letter to Thaidye Customers)

Today I want to give you a bit of a reason why you have not heard from us here at Thaidye as much as in the past.
In the process of finding new places for us privately as well as business-wise we ran into some rather nasty people that appear to want to do us harm. The obvious handling of attacks is a strong defense with maybe some mixed in little counter attacks ourselves, right?
This had escalated to the point where were ready to write a big check to a lawyer to really go into battle! Fortunately, when I was about to sign that engagement letter, something hit me over the head to wake up and I was able to ask myself – Do I really want that, do I want to fight?
Once the question was asked, the answer was very obvious – NO!
So, we decided to do something what you are always able to do in any situation – Change our minds!
Yes, we made ourselves vulnerable, with the potential of a rather significant loss of money. But it was all worth it – it felt good to not give in the the fights that are brought to you – made me feel a bit like Ghandi.
We always have the option to change our mind and say no – it is actually pretty easy if you get over the fear of what might  happen.
And the amazing – near instant – effect was that the other side was suddenly willing to come to the table. We still don’t  know how this will all end up but the feeling of relief of not getting sucked into something you don’t want is very empowering.
And, believe it or not, the same evening I ran into a TED talk that covered exactly that subject – and I want to share this with you…


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