Three Mudmee Smock Dresses per Second

Wearable art can come in many different forms – from a rusty bucket as the latest fashionable hat to paint only (applied directly in an artistic way.)

At we are somewhere between these extremes, and we realized that we actually should not call this line of clothing just wearable art, but instead wearable, wearable art.

You see, wearable has two rather different meanings and both of those definitions apply to the JustZen line of clothing,

  1. you can wear it, as in the opposite of hanging it on a wall, and
  2. you can actually wear it without the danger of being arrested.

Just in time for the summer (OK, we are actually a bit late, but better late than never) we have come out with a new dress – a cute smock dress.

We thought about just showing you an example or two, but then we had a brilliant idea, why not just show them all?! We just photographed nearly 200 of them and so you might think that it might then take a bit too long, right?

NO! – Take a look…

Go to the Mudmee Smock Dress Page to find out more.

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