How it all started

very extravagant tie-dye jacket worn by GigiSo, how do you start a business like

There are probably many ways to do this but this is how it started for us. Gigi, being from Thailand, brought with her the artistic ability and love for clothing and Merlin threw into the mix his computer abilities.

Gigi worked in the fashion industry and Merlin was riding the good times of the internet bubble and it was at that time that Gigi’s brother brought some nice tie dye outfits for Merlin from a trip to Thailand.

This stuff was great, nice colors and so comfortable to wear. So, whenever Merlin could, he now wore these outfits, even though some well-meaning friends tried to tease him once in a while with statements that he forgot to change in the morning etc. But in general reactions were great.

Usually in the form “Where did you get those from??” – “Wow, where can I get those?” The second question he could only answer with the impractical answer – go to Thailand.

Finally that sank in here – there was a need – and this realization finally got us started. Bringing this very particular type of tie-dye art from Thailand to the United States, directly asked for the name ThaiDye and I was so surprised that this name as actually available when I tried to register it.

Once the name was there and a rudimentary website up, Gigi just had to find a teacher in Thailand who could actually teach her the basics of mudmee tie-dye – and the rest is history, as the saying goes.

Now you can just go to the main site and for example check out all the unique women’s jackets.

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